Content Warning

This blog is about topics that concern marginalized communities, particularly LGBTQ and disabled ones (since those are ones I belong to). There’s a particularly high amount of trauma in those communities, and it’s important to me that I keep that in mind (especially since I have PTSD myself). At the top of posts, I will make an effort to warn for topics that I think are obviously triggering or squicky for many people, like sexual harassment and sexual assault.

However, my idea of what’s triggering isn’t going to match everyone’s idea of what’s triggering. Given the incredibly diverse nature of triggers, I can’t guarantee that nothing on this blog will ever trigger anybody. Therefore, this page is going to serve as a general content warning. Even if you aren’t dealing with trauma, some posts may have mentions of upsetting or squicky concepts. I can be an incredibly forgetful person, so even though I’m making a sincere effort to warn for obvious triggers or difficult topics, I will probably mess up at some point. So please keep in mind that some of the material on this blog may be upsetting, and please take care of yourself.

If you’re looking for resources about dealing with trauma, I recommend the following ones. This is far from an exhaustive list.

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