I Haven’t Posted in Almost a Year

It’s not abnormal, in my experience, for bloggers to post inconsistently, especially when they’re blogging for free. I still hate being this inconsistent, though. I’ve just been overwhelmed, to say the least.

I’m doing something that’s very unusual for me here. I’m composing this post in WordPress, not carefully crafting it in Google Drive, waiting at least a few days to review it (more likely a few weeks, because I’m anxious), and then posting something that’s as perfect as possible. I want to be less of a perfectionist and write the way other bloggers do, where they just share their thoughts and connect with other people without reviewing everything they say over and over.

Tonight I just want to write about things that are frustrating me. I could just rant in private and not post about my vulnerabilities, but there’s something about exposing a metaphorical wound that can be healing in a bizarre way. I don’t get it, but I guess I don’t have to for it to work.

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